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Serra, Serra…

Ah, those pesky associations: as I walked the curves and alleys of Richard Serra’s Junction/Cycle now showing at the Gagosian Gallery, the déjà vu practically bit my butt.  Those swerving surfaces reminded me of other Serras, sure, but they also resemble the vistas captured in the film 127 Hours, the biopic about hiker Aron Ralston’s…

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Capering Calders

In a perfect world, I’d have lots of money, a non-stop supply of peanut M/M’s and a house with an Alexander Calder sculpture in every room.  Long shots all, but the third is close enough to touch, at least until the 23rd of December: Calder 1941 focuses on a pivotal year in the life of…

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Hopper and His Friends

A friend of Hopper: Guy Pene du Bois’s Opera Box, 1926 I tend to think of New York’s Whitney Museum as the house of Hopper.  Right now they’re hosting another retrospective of this fine painter’s work with a twist.  Modern Life: Edward Hopper and His Time is on display now through April 10, and it’s…

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No Place for Politics in Art

Not to mention religion. Below is an excerpt from the New York Times Arts Beat Blog, a response to the Smithsonian’s recent excision of the late David Wojnarowicz’s (pictured above) work from their current exhibition, after harassment from the head of the Catholic League and a few bullying Republican Congressmen.  Bravo to Wachs and his…

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Leaping Luminaries

You’ve only 2 days left to catch Philippe Halsman’s Jump at the Laurence Miller Gallery.  The photographer hit on a unique way to make his subjects drop their inhibitions, and the results are a marvel.  The show biz types don’t surprise nearly as much as folks like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Richard Nixon…

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Moments with Marina

 “It’s endurance art,” I whispered to my spouse as we made our way through Marina Abromavic’s The Artist is Present at the Museum of Modern Art (through May 31).  Actually it’s about a great many things–like the willingness of viewers to accept, embrace, that which might discomfort the sensibilities (depictions of violence, nudity either from…

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The All-Life Strut

  It’s the last day for Walk the Walk, Kate Gilmore’s yellow, eye-popping commentary on how we plow through our days—by rote, with stamina and determination, sometimes in 2-inch heels.  Situated on the west side of Bryant Park, it’s performance-installation art for these trying times, though I wonder if the tourists get it.  No problem for…

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